28 February 2021
16:00 (UTC +1)

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TABOO SMOKE TRICKS HOOKAH BATTLE (ONLINE) — This is an unusual experimental online tournament of hookah masters. Participants need to make a video when they pack a bowl and demonstrate any trick with smoke (or a series of tricks).

Winners will be invited to participate in the World Grand Final (see the Tournament Bracket).

According to the results of the qualifying vote, 10 best teams are allowed to participate.

* Videos can be up to 1 minute long.

Thus, we will determine who is the best in the hookah smoke tricks.

You can find a complete list of countries that take part in the tournament, as well as the current schedule of competitions in the Tournament Bracket, or by looking at the List of events section.

Facebook, Youtube, Vkontakte, Instagram

Total prize fund – $ 1,000 +  an invite to the Grand Final:

$500 – 1st place

$300 – 2nd place

$200 – 3rd place


Who can participate:

According to the results of the qualifying vote, 10 best teams in each country are allowed to participate (you can find the list and direct links to the smoke tricks hookah battle sites in each country here).

IMPORTANT: this time we are introducing location criteria. You must reside in the country where the competition is taking place. If you would like to take part in TABOO SMOKE TRICKS HOOKAH BATTLE you have to live in SPAIN.


Competition rules:

1. Participations is free of charge and their is an age restriction of 21 years old.

2. You must reside in SPAIN.

3.  To sign up you will need to visit the site and add your team name at participants list.

4. Your Video has to be up to 1 minutes in length

5. The music track for the video must not conflict with copyright on YouTube and other sites. (Make sure in advance)

6. The video should show the process of preparing the hookah:

  • Bowl packing
  • Smoke

7. Your Video can be filmed in different locations and edited. One consistent clip is not a requirement.

8. When editing your video, the audio track can be overlayed for the best sound. (look right # 5)

9. For the purity of the experiment, all participants use only TABOO  tobacco. The top 10 teams that have passed the qualifying stage will receive a kit with all the necessary materials. The competition video should clearly show what you pack.

If you don’t have a team (brand), register it.

If you have any questions – write to us or join our telegram chat Hookah Battle by country:

International English speaking telegram chat

🇩🇪  German-speaking telegram chat

🇪🇸  Spanish-speaking telegram chat

🇺🇸  USA English-speaking telegram chat

🇫🇷  French-speaking telegram chat

🇷🇺  Russian-speaking telegram chat

🇺🇦  Ukraine telegram chat

🇧🇷  Brazil Portuguese-speaking telegram chat




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